Every Girl Has A Story To Tell (Part 3)

Posted on: 03 April 2019

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“I am the only child in the family, so I’ve always felt lonely and would appreciate being around people. You may think that as an only child, my life should be close to perfect, as I must be quite pampered by my parents. But in reality, it is far from that. At least, that was the case for me. Growing up, I had to watch my parents fight and quarrel all the time. Sometimes it goes on all the way till midnight. And I guess that was the reason why I find it really hard to trust people and especially relationships. But I’m just so glad that I met some friends in highschool who also went through similar experiences as I did and we have gotten so close to each other due to this. I don’t say this much but thank you girls, for always having my back. @lisquare96@sabriinagoh @__.qc.__  Here’s to more exciting years ahead together!” - Jasmine, 19 #youGOALgirl



“I am of mixed parentage. My mom is from Myanmar and my dad is a Malaysian Chinese. I have always felt insecure about my dark skin colour since young. The same happened to my younger siblings as well. We were constantly being dissed from time to time for being a Chinese but not looking the part. For having Myanmar blood but couldn’t speak a word of Burmese. I still remember one incident very clearly which happened during my highschool days. My moral teacher didn’t believe that I am a non-Muslim and insisted that I attend the Agama class. I even had to prove it to her with my IC that I am indeed entitled to be in the Moral class. I also had some friends telling me that I should try using whitening products and stay away from participating in outdoor activities for extra co-curricular activities. Hurtful words like these really got to me last time. I believed them. I avoided being under the sun and I wouldn’t even dare to wear any sleeveless tops. Honestly, this issue had pretty much ruined my self-confidence. I felt so insecure and that I was never enough. But as I grow up, I realized that my skin colour doesn’t define who I am. I just wish people could think before they speak and be more sensitive towards others. Especially those who didn’t get to choose to be this way.” - Kel, 22 #youGOALgirl



“I was a ball of mess back in 2016. I was mildly depressed. I didn’t really want to get out of the house and sleeping was my way to forget and escape from the harsh reality. Thankfully, things have gotten so much better for me now after meeting my current boyfriend. It was a turning point for me to have someone who really listens and cares. Slowly but surely, I got over-reliant on him but I started going out again, started talking to people again and also got myself a job. However, one day, my boyfriend’s application for a job overseas was approved and we had to do long distance. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to cope with it. I cried almost every other night after the letter of offer came through. But it was also then that I knew I had to learn to be strong and independent. That I had to learn how to love myself and only then I would be able to maintain a healthy relationship. I started going to the gym, signing up for workshops and enriching myself with new skills like coding. I’ve never thought I would be able to do this, but I actually did it. It’s really amazing to know you’re so much more than you think you are worth when you start believing in yourself. It was really hard to step out of my comfort zone but I’ve never felt so fulfilled and happy. If you’re going through something similar in life, I just hope you know that you’re not alone.” - Munirah, 23 #youGOALgirl



“I picked up dancing when I was 16. It was for a performance for my school’s IU Day. I never thought I was able to dance but when my friends who were in the committee asked me if I was willing to give it a shot to fill in the last spot, I thought, why not? Turns out, that was easily one of the best experience throughout my high school life. As a team, we practised almost every day after school hours for the last two weeks leading up to the event date. Dancing has made me feel so alive, happy, relaxed anf most importantly, it makes me feel like I could be who I truly am. I’ve also gotten to know so many friends through dancing and we still do keep in touch even after so many years, with some of them being miles away from Malaysia even. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this opportunity as it makes me who I am today.” - Jacintha Tan, 25 #youGOALgirl 




“I lost my mom when I was 21. She passed away from a very sudden heart attack. We were having breakfast together at the dining table on a Sunday morning, talking about our trip to visit our aunt in Australia the next month when she sneezed and collapsed. Even though it has been 4 years, I could still remember that day very clearly. My mom was my everything. She was my best friend, my confidante, my shoulder to cry on, my source of motivation, my shopping partner, my cafe hopping partner, my biggest cheerleader, and the person I would go to whenever I needed advice. After she passed, I took it upon myself to take over her florist business. My mom loved flowers and it just felt right to continue her legacy of spreading love, joy and happiness to others. It’s the least I could do for her as her daughter. Mom, I hope you know that you’re always on my mind. I hope I did you proud. Till we meet again. I love you.” - Puteri Alia, 25 #youGOALgirl 



“I have been an avid reader of @sweatlee ‘s blog from years back. Previously, she was teaching under TFM (Teach for Malaysia). I really look up to her for taking the road less traveled. For wanting to help Malaysia in her own way. I remember she taught at a rural school in Negeri Sembilan for 2 years and shared that she had to give optional extra classes to her students on most nights as the kids barely have any access to education. Being born in Kuala Lumpur myself, it was really heartbreaking to realize that somewhere in Malaysia, we have kids who were very eager to learn but just didn’t have the extra resources to read even if they wanted to learn more. It was really shocking to know that secondary school students had trouble identifying if the name “Audrey” should belong to a girl or a guy. I’m so glad to know that we have someone as passionate as Suet currently serving under the Ministry of Education (MOE). I know it would take a long time to improve the literacy level in Malaysia but I hope things will gradually get better. I plan to apply for TFM after completing my degree next year too.” - Farah Yusof, 21 #youGOALgirl 



“Among the influencers that I follow on Instagram, I really look up to @chienweihah as she was determined enough to pursue her dreams even though her family strongly objected to the idea of her running an online blog shop business which is doing really well today. I admire people who knows clearly what they want to do in life. She started her online blog shop @chikibunnie even though she graduated with a Masters in Law from UK. To be honest, I doubt I would have the guts to do what Chien Wei did if I were to be in her shoes. Most of us would be too afraid to take the risk and just suck up to what are expected of us from our parents. I think this culture would have to change as we should always be allowed to make our own career choice and prioritize our own happiness.”  - Cyndi, 21 #youGOALgirl 



“My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer when I was 1 and my brother was 5 years old then. My mom’s Oncologist revealed to us that I would have a 60% chance of getting cancer as my mom’s cancer cells were active when I was still in her womb. Due to that, I had to watch what I eat ever since then. I’m not allowed to consume dairy products and junk food to minimize the risk. As a child, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t have junk food and be like other kids (even my brother). I was very mad at my parents back then but now I know what they were dealing with. I feel extremely guilty for throwing tantrums at my parents when I was younger. Now, I make sure that I exercise at least 3 times a week, be it jogging, going for yoga classes or just doing simple workouts at home when I’m too busy with work. Unfortunately, my mom passed away when I was 12 but we are very grateful that she lived her life to her fullest and we are so proud of her to have fought a hard battle. I go for medical check ups every 6 months now.” - Nina, 26 #youGOALgirl