Every Girl Has A Story To Tell (Part 2)

Posted on: 03 April 2019

Insta story womens day 01


"I love singing, it’s my passion. They always say that there is no future in the Malaysian music industry but because of @yuna , I am no longer as afraid to chase after my passion after witnessing how she managed to bring the Malaysian music industry to a new height, even collaborating with International Artists like Chris Brown for the music “Stay”. She made me believe that it is possible to make a name for yourself if you really put your heart and soul into doing what you love. I’m really looking forward to hear more of her music. In the meantime, I’ll be doing open-mic gigs at Merdekarya whenever an opportunity strikes and hopefully perform at weddings and events." - @x.xxpeiling.x.xx , 23 #youGOALgirl


"I started taking interest in make-up from watching youtube videos by beauty gurus such as @michellephan. Although Michelle has left Youtube, I’ll forever be grateful for all that she have so generously shared with us viewers in the past. Being raised in a family of accountants, with my brothers and sisters also working in the same industry, my parents are not quite supportive of me going into make-up as a career and sometimes, it really hurts so bad to not have your family’s support. I guess my best bet would be to complete my degree in accounting and freelance as a make-up artist on the sidelines. It would make me feel very happy to be doing things that I love." - Darshini Kumar , 21 #youGOALgirl



“I have always been fascinated by arts and pretty things. I always loved going to places like Penang and Ipoh for the fact that it’s so full of the coolest street arts. I guess I could say that I have a talent in arts, as I started sketching portraits of celebrities from as young as my primary school days. I draw my inspiration from an amazing unconventional Malaysian artist @redhongyi who creates many unconventional art installations all around the world. Her work impresses me to no end as she really proves her creativity to the world by thinking out of the box, using everyday objects like shuttlecock feathers to create a portrait of Dato’ Lee Chong Wei. I plan to make good use of my talent to make the people around me happy.” - @h.qiannn , 19 #youGOALgirl



“As someone who shares the same passion in singing and performing, I really look up to @talithabe for being so ambitious, strong-willed and passionate in what she does. It’s really inspiring to see how Talitha started out from her own social media platforms, Youtube channel, performing at open mics and gigs in bars around PJ and KL area, to performing at the closing ceremony of the Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games, and launching her own EP. There was a point of time when I kept playing “Okay” and “Please Stay” on loop in the car and I still do listen to it on some days. Looking at how she leads a busy schedule but yet still insists on waking up at 8am every morning to hit the gym and go for sports, she reminds me to make the best out of everyday that I have. Thank you for being my inspiration, Tali!" - Abigail Sua, 22 #youGOALgirl



"If I didn’t remember wrongly, I knew I wanted to be a wedding planner since I was 15, that was in the year 2010. I still feel so strongly about being a wedding planner till this day. However, as an only child, my typical Asian parents had very high expectations of me and the idea of me taking up an Event Management Degree doesn’t quite sit well with them. Lucky for me, I managed to do my internship with an Event Company few years back and my ex-boss liked me a lot and asked if I would be interested to join her at her newly set-up company earlier this January. Of course I had to take up the offer and I’ve never been happier. Being able to work on a few big weddings and corporate events the past 2 months has been eye-opening and fulfilling, despite the long and odd working hours. Also, the saying “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” can’t be anymore true." Caroline Ann Marie, 24 #youGOALgirl     



"This is a very personal story, one that is close to my heart. I was diagnosed with the big C when I was at the age of 22. There was a blood donation drive organized by my Leo Club and I was supposed to be a donor. They found out that my haemoglobin count was too low, but I didn’t give much thought about it, thinking that it was just anaemia since everything was all good the previous times that I’ve donated blood. However, I decided to just go for a check up and the doctor found out there was a growth at my colon. I was devastated and couldn’t believe what I heard but I was also very lucky to have discovered it early at stage 2. I saw @chubbeecloud ‘s feature and I thought it was a good time to share my story with all of you. I just wanted to raise awareness that cancer could happen to anyone but I think it is very important to keep a positive mind while battling the fight. It was a very difficult and trying time for me and my family back then, and sometimes I tend to forget how hard it was to not being able to eat anything and everything my heart desires. I’m just very grateful for each day that I get to be healthy again. Appreciate the ones you love while you still have the chance.” - Cheryl Chai, 25 #youGOALgirl




"I always wondered what it was like becoming a mother. Little did I know the experience of child labor is not as scary as I thought it would be. I went through 36 hours of labour with my 1st child. For my second child.. well, she decided that she didn't want to come out at the hospital so I actually gave birth to her at a carpark in the middle of the night. My youngest child decided to come out before due date. To some people, child birth is scarier than going under the knife (operation) but not to me. When I had to remove my appendix, I couldn’t sleep and I was so afraid. Even my husband laughed at me. The ambulance arrived after the baby was born and she was received by her own father. My carpark baby weighed 3.70kg at the time she was born.” - @puterityana T, 29 years old #youGOALgirl



“My ex-boyfriend left me when I discovered I was 2 months pregnant. He wanted me to abort the baby but I just couldn’t do it. I know I should take full responsibility for my actions. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was easily the hardest phase of my life. My relatives judged me, said all kinds of awful things behind my back but that was fine. Because 3 years later on, my daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Without making that life-changing decision back then, I would never have grew up and would probably still be spending my nights getting wasted. Right now, I started a new company with my best friend and Rachel has become my motivation to work harder. On some nights though, I still blame myself for my mistake, I feel extremely guilty for not being able to give her a complete family. I still do doubt myself. I would always wonder if I’m doing a good job as her mom. At the end of the day, I just want to make sure my daughter is happy and she grows up to be a kind, empathetic and loving person. I guess I will have to take things one step at a time for now. Girls, if you’re going to get intimate with someone, remember that only you can protect yourself.” - Valerie, 26 #youGOALgirl