Every Girl Has A Story To Tell (Part 1)

Posted on: 03 April 2019

Insta story womens day 01

Here are some inspiring short-story submissions we gathered from our girls! #youGOALgirl





“I used to suffer from low self-esteem, as I would always get thrown judgemental looks by the public, from the way I dress. However, over the years of following fashion designers like @kittieyiyi , @ash_lsl and @cherriemun_ , I’ve learned to grow comfortable in my own skin. Absolutely admire how they’re not afraid to stay true to themselves and embrace their styles even though it can be such a struggle in Malaysia. Currently pursuing my Diploma in Fashion Design, I dream of helping women realize their true beauty through fashion. Fashion is my passion” - Farah Adilah, 20 ❤️ #youGOALgirl 



“As a Subangite, @hannahyeoh was and forever will be a significant figure to us. It is really comforting to know that we had someone so capable like her representing the people of Subang Jaya who have managed the funds allocated appropriately and efficiently to transform lives of the poor. The work she has done has also inspired me that not only men could shine in the political arena. Really glad to see that all her hard-work and efforts paid off and has earned herself a seat in the Parliament as the new Deputy Minister of the Women, Family and Community Development. I plan to apply for an internship programme with YB Hannah Yeoh during my semester break.” - Nur Hanina, 21 ❤️ #youGOALgirl 



"My favourite female youtuber has got to be @SoImJenn ! As someone who is still trying to make contents on social media, I’ve always loved watching the funny videos Jenn & Jon shares with us. Absolutely look up to her for advocating all of us to be true to ourselves, for being a living example and a role model to us. I’m always so entertained by Jenn in her videos, especially the ones where she poses as Auntie Siow. I’m so glad to see how far Jenn has come and how she remains so humble and friendly, even accepting a photo request with me when I bumped into her in a mall not too long ago despite being so popular now. I can only hope that one day, i’ll be a content creator half as good as her.” - JENNIS CHAN, 20 ❤️ #YouBeYou #youGOALgirls 



“I was an extremely happy baby who had a beautiful childhood. As I grew up, I blossomed into a chubby girl and did averagely in school. All the body-shaming and hurtful statements were kept in me for years, and 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. With the guidance of 3 therapists, zero anti-depressant, loved ones' support and strong-will, I slowly came out of it. But there's no permanent cure for it, except for maintaining good habits and being neutral. I started blogging about my pain, but now I'm blogging about how to overcome the pain and stay happy. Along the journey, a lot of woman and their journey has inspired me such as @ellendegeneres , @revady_n and more. Now, I'm a blessed copywriter, mental health awareness blogger and one day, I will become an author! Till then, I will continue to blog and create awareness about depression.” - Gayathri Sharmili @thehappywackywriter , 28 #youGOALgirl ❤️



"I love Nando’s with my life! I’m not sure if anyone feels me but I’ll need to have my Nando’s fix at least once in a week. I’m thankful for a superwoman like @chunglynnmac for bringing in Nando’s to Malaysia! Besides their food, it’s amazing to note how Nando’s does their marketing. This, I’m sure most Malaysians could understand why! Especially the ad from the Listen, Listen, Listen incident. I could even remember their ad from years ago. I’m really impressed at how Mac gives her marketing team so much freedom to express their creativity. Admire how Mac understands that the business has so much to lose, but has even much more to gain. If I ever start up my own business one day, I would very much love to be a ladyboss like Mac!” - @suetkeitaung SK, 24 #youGOALgirl ❤️



"I started baking as young as 5 years old as mom loves baking and making cookies so I would usually help her out in the kitchen. Mom would bake cakes for her friends’ birthdays and naturally, I would do the same for my friends birthdays too. I watch a lot of youtube tutorials and follow a lot of female bakers on Instagram @thehare_sbh @blue_ribbon_bakery , they’re all my inspiration. It’s amazing to follow about their journey of how they started off as home bakers and to take on corporate orders nowadays is really quite inspiring to me. Even though my cakes are not really the best looking ones, I’m still working on my frosting skills, trying my best to create more beautiful cakes and hopefully start off as a home baker soon." - PJ @peijinchuah, 19 ❤️ #youGOALgirl 



“I’ve always loved photography since young and I particularly love going for café and street shoots with some other passionate photographers that I got to know from one of the Street Shoots organized by Canon some time back. I’m a hopeless romantic and I follow a lot of wedding photographers on Instagram like @jennysun and @tealily  They’re really one of the most amazing female wedding photographers out there and I can only hope to be half as amazing as them some day. I’ll be covering my first wedding for a friend of mine next month. Wish me luck guys!” - Izyan Nabila, 25 📷 #youGOALgirl ❤️