Chinese New Year Gifts

Posted on: 25 February 2019

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You may be going for Chinese New Year visitings this year and you would need to get some gifts for your hosts. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy but it will be nice and appreciated to put in a little extra effort and thought in preparing the gifts.


Here's some gift ideas to help you out!


THE BOX of 3 (RM25)


THE BOX of 6 (RM49)


Mix & Match between 85 different designs, including alphabets, numbers, quotes & wishes

Pick your choice of chocolates: Signature Dark Chocolate or Smooth Milk Chocolate


It could be a combination of your hosts' surnames/ initials (eg. LEE, TAN, KEN) with some Chinese New Year designs or perhaps you can wish your hosts an amazing year ahead with our best-seller design ---- The Dabbing Unicorn!


If Chocolates isn't to your fancy, celebrate the Year of the Boar with the cutest printed edible marshmallows.



9pcs Pre-Designed Marshmallow Gift Box