Introducing A Letter for You!

Posted on: 29 October 2018

Love letter 02



Do you remember how it felt like to be surprised with a gift? Or how you felt when you surprised someone with a gift? 


We love the reaction we get from our friends when we surprised them with gifts and the smile on their faces after reading the handwritten messages. Which is why, we created A Letter For You. We want to bring smiles across faces when the recipient reads the heartfelt words from you. 



Everyone could use a little morning pick-me-up! We want to start off your mornings on a happy note! A Letter For You will definitely keep those positive vibes flowing throughout the day with these sleek inspirational packaging containing finely crafted drip coffee sourced from The Best Artisanal Coffee Roaster in Malaysia.


Taste great coffee on the go! Perfect for a relaxing Sunday morning or for a busy day in office. Also works great to accompany you through your assignment nights!




10 Type of Coffee Beans for your selection:


1. Brazil Cerrado - pulped natural

Tasting note: creamy mouthfeel, low acidity well- balanced, and often exhibiting a nutty and slightly caramel flavor.


2. Colombia Supremo- washed

Tasting note: chocolate, medium body, seats acidity, smooth & clean finish


3. Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling TP G1

Tasting note: herbal & cedar aroma, chocolaty & caramelish, bittersweet aftertaste.


4. Guatemala Antigua Pastoral- Washed

Tasting note: chocolaty, vanilla, smooth body, rich finish


5. Tanzania AB Karatu NITIN Estate - washed

Tasting note: sugar cane, molasses, wing acidity, bitty, creamy, complex mouth feel.


6. El Salvador Finca San Carlos - washed

Tasting note: round body, candy sweet, smith chocolate finish.


7. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley - washed

Tasting note: berry notes balanced out with delicate acidity, chocolate finish and velvety body.


8. Costa Rica Finca Helsar de Zarcero- brew wine

Tasting note: wines, almond, green apple, ripe fruits


9. Papua New Guinea Sigri Plantation A Wahgi Valley - washed

Tasting note: deep rich body, herbalish with long smooth acidity


10. Malaysia Johor Liberica - Natural

Tasting note: jackfruit, durian, blue cheese, honey



Feel free to walk-in to ChubbeeCloud's First Personalized Gift Store & Cafe in Damansara Uptown to customize A Letter For You while our team is in the midst of making it available to you online. 


Price: RM40 with Designer Envelope of 5 drip coffee packs or RM8 per drip coffee pack



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