Guess The Next Flavour?

Posted on: 09 July 2018

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How did you like our Vanilla Bean flavoured marshmallows?

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We hope our marshmallows have made you day in one way or another.

Now, it's time for a New Flavour!

What flavour do you think it would be?


We only sell what we love to eat!

#TeamChubbeeCloud loved everything about the Marshmallows in the New Flavour, from the aroma, taste to the texture.

Image result for Orange

Will it be Orange Flavoured?

Image result for ‫اكتيفيا فراولة‬‎

Or Strawberry Flavoured?

Image result for inside of a banana

Perhaps Banana Flavoured?


Head on over to our Instagram page @chubbeecloud to participate in our "Guess The Next Flavour Contest".

Win a Customized ChubbeeCloud 9-pieces Gift Box in the NEW FLAVOUR.

#TeamChubbeeCloud can't wait to reveal our new product to you. Stay tuned to our updates!