The Sweet History of Marshmallows

Posted on: 15 May 2018


Have you ever wondered how marshmallows are made?

2000 B.C.

  • Ancient Egyptians discovered a wild herb growing in swamps from which its' sweet sap could be extracted. 
  • The sap of the mallow plant is then later combined with a nectar based sweet formula to create a sugary treat so delectable that it's reserved only for the Gods and the pharaohs back then.



  • Candy Makers in France created the marshmallows we have today by whipping the mallow sap with egg whites and sugar by hand. 
  • The hard meringue also were also used as medicine as it helps in relieving sore throat, cough and heal wounds.



  • Alex Doumak introduced the marshmallow extrusion process, thus revolutionizing the marshmallow production process by making it faster and more efficient.
  • In extrusion, the marshmallow mixture is pressed through tubes, then cut into equal pieces, cooled and packaged. 


  • A recipe for roasted marshmallow combined with chocolate bars and graham crackers, were introduced and published in The Girl Scout Handbook.

Marshmallows are now an everyday sweet treat
and a staple for every BBQ Sessions!