A Chat with the Co-Founders Edmund & Carmen

Posted on: 20 April 2018

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Thank you for purchasing your first ChubbeeCloud from us since we established back in 2016.

We have come such a long way since then and we thought we’d share a little bit about us.


Our Story

A chat with the co-founders - Carmen & Edmund

1. How did you get the idea for ChubbeeCloud?

Carmen: I started my own wedding and events planning company - BabysBreath 5 years ago and over the years of continuously planning and styling for large corporate events and weddings, I often receive the same request from clients of wanting to present creative gifts to their guests, especially our corporate clients. It was a struggle to meet their expectations, so I started doing my research and knew that customising marshmallow gift boxes could be the solution.

Edmund: I was pursuing my passion as a resident DJ back then. I gave my full support in setting up ChubbeeCloud by helping out Carmen, my then-fiancé, now-wife as I'm from a tech background and Carmen thought I have a “strong operation management skill” and eventually, we became a team of two.

2. How was the process of starting up ChubbeeCloud?

Carmen: From conceptualising the idea, designing the website, sourcing for suppliers, to launching the product and finally starting our operations, the entire process took us about 6 months.

Edmund: There were countless sleepless nights, at times we even had to sleep in the office and weekends weren't spent at the shopping mall. We were 24/7 in the office and date nights meant mask time for the both of us because #eyebags.

3. What are the plans and dreams for ChubbeeCloud?

Carmen: The dream.. is to be The First Personalised Candy Confectionery in Southeast Asia.

Edmund: As of now, we are in the midst of setting up a physical store in Klang Valley and we would love to welcome 2019 in Singapore and perhaps Indonesia! Hopefully everything works out for us. Wish us luck!



4. Most people wouldn’t encourage working with your other half, but you have proved them wrong. How do you two do it?

Carmen: Both of us have a common aim and dreams about expanding this business. In fact, working together has even strengthened our bond. Going into a business with someone requires a lot of trust, which is essential in business and marriage.

Edmund: It has been an amazing and wonderful journey working together. There were disagreements here and there but to see our hard work finally paid off when we manage to break-even within 10 months was just really overwhelming. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.


Edmund & Carmen's Wedding Favour





Whether it is your wedding day, your anniversary, your friends' birthday or any special occasions at all, we aspire to deliver happiness for the ones who matter.


2pcs Marshmallow Gift Box

RM15 per box with a new minimum order of 5 boxes including Free Delivery Nationwide. 


This is not the end..

Follow us on our journey on Facebook & Instagram @chubbeecloud as we continue to put smiles on faces.