Introducing: Handcrafted Gourmet Marshmallows

Posted on: 04 November 2019

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#TeamChubbeeCloud have been working tirelessly in the kitchen some months back experimenting with different flavours to develop our new handcrafted gourmet marshmallows.


And today, we’re finally ready to reveal our blood, sweat and tears to all of you! Presenting to you, handcrafted gourmet marshmallows in 3 unique Malaysia Truly Asia flavours!


They are bits and pieces of our identity as Malaysians and we hope you like them!



Pak Onde is the old neighbour who makes various types of kuehs for sale in the kampong. You would know Pak Onde is making a new batch of kuehs whenever you smell a strong aromatic pandan fragrance. Pak Onde always insists to grate fresh coconuts by himself for his kuehs to ensure perfection in all of his creations.


Malaysia’s all time favourite bite-sized traditional Nyonya kueh - Onde-onde, now transformed into luxurious puffs of perfection with natural colouring extracted from the juice of freshly squeezed pandan leaves and coated with fragrant dessicated coconut.



Miss Rosie Lychee is the fashionista tai-tai with an exquisite taste for the finer things in life and often travels around the world for leisure. Even with all that she has experienced from her luxurious lifestyle, whenever she is back in her hometown, she will make it a point to pay a visit to her favourite high-tea joints for her favourite cup of rose syrup drink served alongside juicy fresh lychees.


Enjoy our modern and elevated interpretation of the classic Malaysian ‘mamak’ beverage - rose syrup as the fluffy marshmallows are infused with lychee extract and garnished with edible rose petals for your chewing pleasure!



Coffee Boy is the laid back little boy who grew up in a small town and spends most of his time at the Kopitiam ran by his father back in the 1980s. The word kopitiam itself reflects the multicultural dimension of Malaysia — “kopi” is the Malay word for coffee, while “tiam” is the Hokkien word for shop. When he is not helping his dad in brewing the perfect cup of coffee, you can almost always spot coffee boy doing his homework and snacking on his favourite chocolates. 


Indulge in a remake of Malaysian’s favourite tea-time coffee butter bread into luxurious marshmallow puffs infused with rich aromatic Arabica coffee and real Espresso roast coffee chocolate chips to delight your palate. Coffee boy allows you to experience the authentic old-school Malaysian coffee where you can kick back and snack anywhere like you are having coffee in a kopitiam.



All 3 flavours are now available for purchase on Go grab them before it runs out.


With Christmas coming up, bundle it up along with our personalized chocolates and customized marshmallows gift box for your colleagues, friends and family members!


If you happen to have loved ones residing overseas and are bumped out about not being able to spend the Holiday with them, we hope that our gourmet marshmallows would be able to remind them of home and brighten up your days a little.