Curious of Your Zodiac's FengShui This Year? Continue reading what our FengShui Master Has to Say!

Posted on: 16 January 2018

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2018 Zodiac Forecast According to ChubbeeCloud Feng Shui Master!


The new year will sweep by our feet and change our destiny in the aspects of luck, health, career, wealth and even our love life! If you are curious about your zodiac’s destiny, continue reading what our FengShui Master predicted this Lunar New Year!



1. Rat 


Generally, our feng shui master advise those who fall under the rat zodiac to take their self-improvement to the higher level this year! As well for scholars that are studying, you will be benefited by this powerful lift!  This year it is all about investing in oneself and everything will be good to go!


For your health, you are most likely to fall sick more often due to stress, so try not to let the stress get to you! So therefore, try to avoid any participation in extreme sport! We won’t wish to you see get hurt.


 Lucky you(s)! There will be a rise of noblemen (gui ren 贵人), who will be assisting you whenever help is needed.  Not only that, but you will also have easier & a more stable income!


For those who are single, your Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运) will be blooming this year! Attend more social gatherings and hangouts with your friends and hopefully you’ll be able to start a relationship soon! For couples in a long-term devoted relationship can take this year to commit deeper into a marriage as well.



2. Cow


You will be able to improve your financial standing this new year, so strike and explore opportunities whenever it’s possible! Besides, you might also receive assistance from women in your life. (female boss or manager) Which, they could offer helpful advice or promotions!


         Health should also be taken seriously. If you fall sick by any chance, don’t drag your illness and visit the doctor as soon as possible! To prevent any illness to come upon, try to exercise more frequently to build up your body antibody.


This year you may have great wealth (hehe), but be aware of your finances! Invest in decent or stable real estates and avoid any risky financial investment. For career, try to be more composed around your peers, eventually you’ll gain the respect and help of your colleagues!


         For the single boys and girls, unfortunately there will an absence of your Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运). However, you should still socialize around as there might still be a possibility in meeting your partner!



3. Tiger


Well, you overall luck will welcome and unwelcome events that will play out through the year. Some misunderstanding might occur more with people that are important to you because of rumors about you are being spread. But don’t worry, just be honest and be yourself!


During the dog year, our Master Sifu advised to take in more vitamins and minerals while maintaining your hygiene to avoid any diseases on your body.


Be more alert for certain malicious colleagues who are looking to double cross you in your career. Start of 2018 indicates early financial losses due to poor investment returns and mismanaged budgeting. However, noblemen (贵人) will ensure you acquire your necessary assets despite your constant spending.


Single people who’ve been wanting to be in a relationship should continue searching despite the absence of Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运), have faith and don’t give up!




4. Rabbit


         This year, be expected to be surrounded by abundance of love and support this year from kind and generous people. However, more illness and injuries may enter your life this year, so try to be aware of your health conditions and surroundings!


If you’re aiming for career growth, you’ll easily find experienced mentors that are willing to guide you. However, should be more cautious in your work ethics or you might overwork yourself! There is also an excess of opportunities to increase overall wealth, so it’s a profitable year to gain long-lasting wealth.


2018 brings a lot of peace-making opportunities, so that you can stabilize the relationship. Newer couples should be more tolerant and considerate of each other’s character and give more love to each other!




5.  Dragon


         This year you will face many hardships, stay strong! You may find unexpected changes hard to deal. However, you have the ability to turn those challenges into opportunities by accepting and going with the flow.


         Also, be aware of physical threats from the road, as you may face minor or fatal injuries. You will somehow face pressure from your superiors. But, just keep motivating yourself and build your character strength to push through. Financially, you might expect a constant of financial lose. Master Sifu suggested that formulating a financial plan could help you to manage your financial outlook!


         This year, there is a minimal Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运). Unmarried couples should focus on maintaining your relationship. Single people will have to deal with being single for now, so stay humble!



6. Snake  


         Overall, people under the snack zodiac will have a good year, with small issues. You’ll face unexpected events that could take place at inconvenient times. However, you’ll be able to quickly come up with a strategy to accommodate it.


         Senior citizens should be more cautious of their health. The elders may be visiting the hospital more than usual. Also, should see the doctor immediately if they experience any stomach or intestinal problems.


         Once your work life is more stabilized, start making greater plans for the year ahead. Congratulations! For the second half of the year, your luck prospects will sharply boost. Financially, there will be more uncertainty. You might incur monetary losses due to unsuccessful investment and gambling.


         Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运) will be blooming this year for you! Single people should start searching for a potential partner this year as it may lead to a fruitful relationship with the right person. Couples in a devoted relationship should be more engaged as soon as possible to have a prosperous marriage.



7. Horse


         This year you will be surrounded by supportive people and be giving you strength whenever you feel dragged down by rapid changes! Also look out for investment in property or shares and reliable tips from your social circle.


         Ensure that you follow the traffic rules more often to avoid any road accidents this year. Not only that, you should also prepare more adequately before you travel and be aware of family members’ health conditions.


         However, there will conflicts happening due to differences of opinions with colleagues which may be a disadvantage to you. Backstabbing may occur as well, so try to keep an open conversation and strengthen your bond. Besides, great work performances will increase your chance to achieve a salary raise as opportunities approach.


         Even though there is absence in Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运), single people should still consider confessing their love to that special someone that they carry in their heart!! It may be a chance for you to get into a fruitful relationship. ❤❤❤




8. Goat


         2018 will be a good year for you with positive events, where noble people (贵人) in the form of mentors will make troubles you face more manageable. You’ll have good opportunities, not only to display your talents at work but also able to boost your wealth by engaging in acquisition.


         Your mind and body are one of the prime health condition to tackle in 2018. In your career, try to be more open to ideas and collaborate with opportunities from the opposite sex to receive high favorable work prospects. However, don’t let work distract you from looking for opportunities to improve your financial standing!


         The ladies tend to have weaker Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运) this year. Let men wander in their social circles more for a better chance to discover your true life partners! Unmarried couples can start planning their future and marriage while married couples should be careful of their feelings towards people outside their marriage.



9. Monkey


2018 could be a year for you to try in both of your professional and personal lives. Maintaining a persistent and right mindset will be the key to handling these prospects!


         For your safety, be more cautious of work hazard that could be a physical risk to reduce its negative effects. Your physical well-being will be affected by light or heavy injuries on the road. Stay safe of the road guys!


         You will encounter a wave of obstacles in your career that’ll eventually stunt your working progress throughout the year. Financially, you should effectively plan your financial budget and avoid any high-risk activities to restraint spending and increase your savings.


         There is weak Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运) this year by ChubbeCloud Master Sifu, which may turn out to be a bad relationship outlook for single people. However, married and unmarried couples will fall sick or get injured easily this year. It will lead to a higher possibility of fostering intimacy each other. ❤❤❤



10. Rooster


Well, previous year’s events may leave you exhausted. But don’t worry, this year will be a rather good year for you to breathe! Giving you the chance to rest, recharge and improve your lifestyle to find a healthy balance.


However, you should be more attentive to your health this year as you may feel fatigue or fall sick easily. But don’t be too concern, because there will a noble person (贵人) in the medical field that will guide and assist you!


In your career, you may face a huge workload where it could put you in an undesirable position. However, you can welcome any job that is related that offer travelling opportunities! Unfortunately, there will be a significant loss in this year’s financial outlook. It is advisable to purchase asset that won’t decrease in value early this year.


Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运) will be at strong presence, so people that are single should start mingling in around their social circles to find a potential romantic partner! *wink* Whereas, married couples will be experiencing multiple happy and joyful occasions, possibly welcoming a new baby to the family.



11. Dog


         You will attain some success this year, but there will also be a mix of fair share of personal and professional issues. Matter from one aspect of your life could affect other aspect as well.


         Your physical well-being on the road is very crucial, any of the incidents could lead to severe injuries if you are not cautious. Also it is best to avoid any objects that are metallic as it could contain rust or other harmful substance.


         In your work life, there will be a lot of pressure and harsh superiors that may result in decrease of productivity. Which may lead you to be constantly worried about potential financial loss. Master Sifu suggested that you could manage your finances more effectively by shifting your focus onto savings.


         In your love life, married couples need to practice tolerance with one another more often as a simple misunderstanding may cause a huge downhill in bond strength! Single people will largely be isolating their social life to focus more on their other life aspects.



12. Boar



         This new year, it is a great great great year for you to showcase your abilities and earn business development or career promotions you have been eyeing on! You may also face popularity from your circle and gaining new friends easily to make great business proposals.


         You should practice minimal or moderate exercise to protect you from unfortunate health prospects this year. Besides that, participating in an unknown event could lead you to physical and psychological issues. Be more aware of your surroundings!


         In your career, you tend to receive aid from your colleagues to help you overcome any minor obstacles. These strong partners will help you conquer any struggle that could sabotage your productivity. In the early 2018, you may encounter plenty obstacles relating to revenues and savings. With careful preparation it will resolve quickly. After those challenges, there will be a flow of wealth by promotion or bonus pay ($$$)!


         Long term couple in a devoted relationship will experience this year with many joyous events. Individuals that are single will have a strong presence of Peach Blossom Luck (桃花运) that may help them to finally start a romantic relationship! So it is time to get active with social hangouts or social circles!