Top 4 Valentine's Day Gift For Her

Posted on: 08 February 2018

Top 4 Valentine's Day Gift For Her


Valentine's Day gifts can be as classic as it can get, flowers and chocolates. But what else can you get for your crush to make a lasting impression? Or your significant other who has always been there for you all these times?

Here's a number of practical and budget friendly Valentine's Day Gift.


1. Mossery

Girls love all things pretty, and we know they love to doodle. Get your girl a personalised Planner from Mossery with their names...

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Gifts You Can Give During Chinese New Year Visits!

Posted on: 07 February 2018
Happy chinese new year pictures 2

Gifts You Can Give During Chinese New Year Visits! 

The act of blessing giving is critical in Chinese culture. It is important to get something genuine and wrap it perfectly. 

The Chinese New Year is the ideal time to get your friends and family something exceptional. We present to you the most conventional Chinese New Year gifts.

1. Fruit Basket 


Never give a monetary amount that includes a four as the pronunciation of 四 (four) is very close to 死...

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Curious of Your Zodiac's FengShui This Year? Continue reading what our FengShui Master Has to Say!

Posted on: 16 January 2018
Zodiac chart




2018 Zodiac Forecast According to ChubbeeCloud Feng Shui Master!


The new year will sweep by our feet and change our destiny in the aspects of luck, health, career, wealth and even our love life! If you are curious about your zodiac’s destiny, continue reading what our FengShui Master predicted this Lunar New Year!



1. Rat 


Generally, our feng shui master advise those who fall under the rat zodiac to take their...

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Not Sure Where to Bring Your Date This Valentine's Day? Don't Worry, ChubbeeCloud Got You!

Posted on: 16 January 2018
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5 Romantic Dining Spots You Can Go This Valentine’s Day!



1     Café café @ Kuala Lumpur





Café café is a savory piece of Paris hidden in Kuala Lumpur. Tucked away from the KL city busy life! Café café is an award winning café that offers fine French cuisine with a 19th century Parisian air.


Many have claimed this hidden gem isn’t an easy place to...

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Chubbee’s Guide to Christmas - 4 Steps to Create The Best Christmas Party Ever

Posted on: 19 December 2017
Merry christmas facebook cover photo



It’s almost that time of the year again! Did you realize that Christmas is only 5 sleeps away from now? Now you do!


We’re so excited to share with you what we love the most about Christmas, and we hope we’re able to help you spice up your Christmas plans. Let’s get on with it!



Think Christmas, and we think about the big ol’ chicken dinner! What about some appetizers and snacks for your little Christmas party?



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