Q1: How does ChubbeeCloud work?
You can upload images from Facebook, Instagram, your desktop and/or camera roll. We provide many pre-designed pictures for your selection as well. Arrange your design within the box and use the user-friendly shopping cart to complete your payment. Start creating your ChubbeeCloud now!



Product Info


Q1: What are the ingredients in ChubbeeCloud?
Sugar, Corn Syrup, Dextrose, Gelatine (Halal), Corn Starch, Food Flavour.


Q2: Do you use Halal ingredients?
Our marshmallows make use of Halal ingredients. Our marshmallow we use is purchased from manufactures that are certified Halal.


Q3: What is Edible ink?
Your image is printed using special edible ink, made from food colouring in special dedicated printers. Edible inks are specially formulated food-grade coloring mixtures purposed for printing onto various confectionery products such as cookies, cakes, or pastries.


Q4: Is edible ink safe to consume?
Absolutely! The edible inks that we are using are produced in USA with FDA approved ingredients. The edible inks also FDA registered & Kosher certified.


Q5: How long can I keep my ChubbeeCloud?
The marshmallow can keep for several months, but we recommend that you consume them within 7 days after opening.


Q6: What should be the size or resolution should my picture be?

Usually a resolution of 200dpi is sufficient. The higher the quality of your original picture, the better the finished result will be. However, if you send a very small image then quality may be lost if it needs to be enlarged.



Special Order For Occasions


Q1: Do you accept large orders for special occasion?
Yes we do! We take large orders for special occasions: weddings, parties, corporate and branding gifts too! Place your order from our shopping cart or email us at hello@chubbeecloud.com